We select and curate products from a variety of brands, and offer those products to viewers of popular TV shows and digital platforms.  We are very selective with the products we feature, which must pass our quality control. 


Intelligent Deals Inc. secures consumer products at a discounted price, and then we offer those products at a substantial discount to a show’s viewers or to a digital platform.  On a talk show, for example, the hosts or familiar ‘experts’ from the show present our items in a merchandised display while discussing and demonstrating the features and overall appeal of each product.  By simply appearing on a given show, your brand and your products become intertwined in the minds of the audience with the credibility of its hosts and experts.  Loyal viewers see these hosts as wielding tremendous expertise and authority, and your products, by association, become even more desirable to consumers.


Intelligent Deals Inc. is a one-stop shop for facilitating this entire process: from the sourcing of products, to the management of all financial and legal aspects, to managing the sales website and coordinating and executing all product fulfillment.


By partnering with Intelligent Deals Inc., your brands can expect to experience substantial and immediate sales per segment, as well as continued exposure via social media.


  • Product Curation – Intelligent Deals Inc. creates custom packages including fashion and beauty items, electronic goods, travel accessories, and home and lifestyle products that have maximum appeal for a specific demographic.

  • Web Services -  We create a custom branded single point of purchase experience for your audience by designing, building, hosting and managing all flash sale sites.

  • E-commerce – Intelligent Deals Inc. handles credit-card processing, merchant account management, AND inventory control.

  • Order Fulfillment – Our vendors all guarantee direct-to-customer shipping within two weeks of receiving an order.

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